Organisational Recovery

Catalyst partners with you to identify key challenges and to develop, implement and communicate appropriate responses. Recovery periods are often times of extreme instability and fraught with internal issues. The power of Catalyst is that we act as a third party that is seen to have no political or emotional influences within the decision making process. Our advice is based on current and future implications that fit with the organisational vision and values. Our people at Catalyst have hands on experience in recovery projects across all organisational areas in both the commercial and NGO sectors. True organisational recovery requires the support of long term strategy, planning and implementation for structured processes and policies that will drive sustainable future organisational goals.

Organisational Review, Development and Monitoring

Catalyst will conduct a wide ranging analysis and report of all activities in alignment with the strategic intent and values of your organisation. We will identify key areas and develop and implement the requisite policies, procedures and activities to enhance your current operations. We will empower your team and organisation to the next level whilst providing additional support and ongoing monitoring.

We provide the following services:

Organisational Review
Policy and Procedure Planning for Recovery
Policy and Procedure Development and Implementation for Recovery
Ongoing Recovery Plan Monitoring

Recovery Strategy Development

Catalyst will provide the essential experience and tools to achieve your organisational recovery. We will support senior management to identify contributing issues and develop a recovery strategy that will include an organisational recovery plan and internal/external communication plans.

We provide the following services:

Scenario Planning
Communication Plans
Senior Management Strategy Planning
Organisational Recovery Plan

Financial Recovery Planning

Catalyst will identify the financial implications that have driven the current organisational difficulties through a comprehensive analysis of the current and past financial activities. We will conduct a range of scenario planning with senior management that will help to define the organisational recovery strategy. As part of the long term planning we will assist in budget development and implementation of financial policies and supplier approval programs.

We provide the following services:

Financial Recovery Strategy
Costs analysis
Scenario planning
Budget development and implementation
Financial Policy and Approvals Procedures

Redundancy Planning, Consultation and Implementation

Employee redundancies are often a key area of an organisational recovery plan. Requiring an experienced team to plan, consult and communicate these changes. If not conducted with sensitivity and within a structured plan the organisation will suffer long term cultural issues and the loss of key personnel.  The strength of Catalyst in this process is of the third party allowing management to maintain relationships with their teams whilst providing support through this difficult task.

We provide the following services:

Scenario Planning
Redundancy Strategy Planning
Communication Plans
Staff Consultation Activities
Redundancy Plan Implementation

Branding Recovery Strategy

Catalyst will conduct a comprehensive industry analysis and identify the brand implications relating to the organisations current issues. We will work with you to refine your existing or develop a new branding strategy to overcome any negative branding implications. By understanding the recovery issues, consumer touch points, leading industry standards and your organisational identity we will provide the tools to achieve an authentic, strong business brand.

We provide the following services:

Industry and Organisational Branding Analysis
Branding Recovery Strategy and Implementation

Governance Review and Policy Implementation

Catalyst will assist in advising and structuring effective governance principles and objectives to support the organisational recovery strategy. We will provide Board level reporting in relation to the organisational recovery strategy and advice on the implications for governance activities. The strength of Catalyst is that we act as a third party advisor to provide objective information and support to the Board during the organisational recovery phase.

We provide the following services:

Policy Development and Implementation
Board and Governance Development
Board Reporting
Recovery Strategy Planning

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