Our approach is to partner with your organisation to provide the operational support necessary to develop, communicate and implement the essential policies, practices and activities to achieve your strategic goals. We partner with your organisation to help drive the evolution of your business.

Organisational Review, Development and Monitoring

Catalyst will conduct a wide ranging analysis and report of activities in alignment with the strategic intent and values of your organisation. We will identify key areas and develop and implement the requisite policies, procedures and activities to enhance your current operations. We will empower your team and organisation to the next level whilst providing additional support and ongoing monitoring.

We provide the following services:

Organisational Review
Policy and Procedure Planning
Policy and Procedure Development and Implementation
Ongoing Organisational Monitoring

Financial Planning

Catalyst will identify organisational requirements and cost pinch points to maximise profitability. Together we will investigate deployment of resources and cost structures across the organisation, their impact on return on investment and the achievement of long term strategic goals. Empowering the growth of a stronger, more sustainable business.

We provide the following services:

Strategy Development
Costs Analysis
Scenario Planning
Budget Development and Implementation

People and Performance

At Catalyst we design and implement people strategies that enable your business goals. We do this by working together in a culturally sensitive capacity to bring resource requirements in line with organisational objectives. We work to integrate your values and vision to find the balance between people and organisational performance.

We provide the following services:

Performance Management
Negotiations – Enterprise Agreements etc
Conflict Resolution
Redundancy Planning, Consultation and Implementation
Training and Development

Reward and Recognition Program Delivery

The team at Catalyst believes in the importance of strong reward and recognition programs to help you create a company culture that delivers employee loyalty, focus and drive.  We work with your team to assess and develop tailored recognition programs which align with the growth strategy of your organisation.


We provide the following services:

Tailored reward and recognition programs
Sales incentive programs
Online performance systems

Branding Strategy and Development

Through comprehensive industry analysis Catalyst work with your existing branding strategy to refine and empower your identity and market share. By understanding consumer touch points, leading industry standards and your organisational identity we provide the tools to achieve a stronger, better, business brand.

We provide the following services:

Branding Strategy and Management
Public Relations Strategy and Management
Marketing Strategy and Management

Governance Review and Policy Implementation

Catalyst will assist in advising and structuring effective governance principles and objectives. We achieve this through the review and development of Board and operational policies and activities. We act as a transformative agent that will drive appropriate and effective compliance and strategic oversight.

We provide the following services:

Policy Development
Board Development
Board Strategy Events


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